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Benefits Of A Deep Tissue Massage At Our Spa

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One of the more popular types of massage is the deep tissue massage. While there are several techniques that go into performing a deep tissue massage, we will look to cover several of them here to showcase their benefits and the general procedure. That way you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect when you come in for a visit at our spa!

The Basics

The most basic form of deep tissue massage is a technique that is similar to a classic massage technique for therapy, which involves a slow hand movement across the body with some deep pressure applied on certain key spots. The masseuse will focus on the areas that are most tense and have a tendency to hurt, relieving you of that pressure.

A second interesting technique has the massage therapist using their elbows and fingers while applying deep and penetrating massage to your muscles. What’s crucial for this technique to work is for the therapist to use his or her tip of the elbows and fingers to apply the pressure, and not their whole palm. This assures that each and every tense muscle in your body will suffer release and you’ll feel it afterwards. This is the perfect technique to use when you are suffering from stiffness from sitting in your office chair all day – a very common problem for a lot of our customers. Our therapists are fully trained to assist you and provide a professional deep tissue massage to help you with that.

Another interesting technique we use is by employing the aid of some penetrating tools. Don’t be scared, they’re not scary at all! The masseuse will use ceramic tools and also tools made out of glass and wood to perform the deep tissue massage. These are used simply to improve your massaging experience and get even deeper into the tissue when required, to make sure that all your muscles get relaxed and all the tension is of course released. This method can take more time, so an hour session is recommended.

As you can see, we can have some variation to a deep tissue massage but some things are common and similar in every method. For example, in each and every one you’ll have a massage therapist that uses long and flowing strokes to really ease your muscles and release tension. Moving too quickly can have the opposite effect, that is why our professionally trained staff knows all too well to go slow and really give you the best massage for your money. All our techniques also involve keeping a firm pressure at the required tense spots for a certain period of time, until that tension is fully released. Only then will the therapist move to the next area, and so on.

When you visit us, we’ll asses what type of massage best suits your needs and will provide you with a tailor made deep tissue massage that is sure to make you feel amazing. We can help you correct posture, cure your carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle spasms or simply relieving tension after a hard day’s work.

So if you’re interested, make sure to schedule an appointment today!

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