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The heart is one of the most important organs of the body. As a matter of fact, the moment you heart stops beating, you cease to live. This is why we have to learn to take good care of the heart by doing all we can to keep it going.

We should ensure that we eat the right foods, do the right exercise and never pressurize the heart. Pressurize here insinuates that you do not allow the heart work more than normal. Running decreases your death risk by 45%, and run for 6 years, your risk is reduced by 50%.

Here are some reasons why running is good for your heart

  1. When you cover a far distance while running, you take in more oxygen and, with a stronger left ventricle.
  2. Running is a great posture, and it takes care of your daily cardio quota, gives you amazing legs and tones you up. Running benefits your heart immensely.
  3. Apart from directly protecting the heart, running helps prevent diseases that compress and pressurize the heart, later causing death. Running protects the heart by preventing diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, strokes, and even high blood pressure.
  4. Running helps condition the heart, in association with the muscles, together called the cardiovascular system. Running has a direct impact on the heart.
  5. Runners, especially distance runners have better-left ventricles. This is proved by electrocardiography examinations, which reveals that runners have a slower pulse while at rest and high maximal oxygen consumption. This insinuates that their bodies can take in more energy that fuels their daily activities.
  6. Their lower heart chambers or left ventricles are not just better, they are stronger and thicker than the left ventricles of a person that doesn’t run.
  7. The hearts of runners are more efficient even though it is not immune totally.

Every human should try running at least three (3) times per week. This is very important and useful as it helps to reduce the death risk of the runner to a reasonable percentage.


Cellulite Removal With Caffeine Cream

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cellulite removal

Many women today have to fight getting rid of cellulite and getting back to smooth silky and healthy skin. This can be a challenge, as the dimple appearance on the legs and thighs can be pretty stubborn and tough to get rid of. This can lead to frustration, a lowered self esteem and less confidence in yourself and abilities. This is why it is now time to consider a professional spa treatment that targets cellulite reduction with caffeine cream, a new tested and proven way to get rid of cellulite, just as good as cellulite cup results. This is a simple and quick acting method that will have you notice improvements after each session.

Cellulite removal – How does Caffeine Cream work ?

When you want to finally get rid of nasty cellulite, the option to use a caffeine cream treatment is a wise one. This is a crucial ingredient to a good any cellulite cream because it incorporates a strong antioxidant that will lead to reduction of fat cells that get deposited under the skin. This will in turn lead to your skin becoming toned and smooth once again, like you’ve taken years off it. The cream needs to be applied topically as it will certainly boost microcirculation in the body and will considerably boost one’s metabolism in the cells – this is what makes your skin regain that smooth look. Because caffeine is usually damaging to the body and can actually lead to development of cellulite, it is recommended you skip drinking coffee or eliminate that habit altogether, while using caffeine cream instead, that is applied directly on the body and not ingested. Switch your coffee drinking with green tea or pain natural water, you’ll feel healthier and still pretty energized.

How does a caffeine cream massage benefit you

As we’ve already established, there are a lot of benefits from using caffeine cream, but let’s now take a closer look at the direct advantages of using caffeine cream as a spa massage treatment. Here are just some of the clear benefits:

  • It will enable flushing of toxins in your body
  • It will remove fat that has been accumulating under your skin, causing the unwanted dimples
  • It will stimulate metabolism even more to burn fat even faster
  • It will reduce skin swelling
  • It will tighten your blood vessels
  • It will transform your skin to silky smooth, well toned and softer.
  • It will boost the look and color of your skin
  • It doesn’t come with any side effects

Having a good cellulite cream is the first step in getting rid of cellulite on your body. The second crucial step is to have a professional apply it and massage you with it to accelerate the results and provide you with the much wanted results.

So if you’ve tried everything else with little success, it’s time to get a caffeine cream massage at our Spa!

Natural Beauty Tips For A More Beautiful You

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Every woman wants to look her very best, so many of us are ready to spend whatever we can on improving our looks. This is done to boost our self esteem, make us look and feel better about ourselves, attract men or simply raise our self confidence. And while this is perfectly fine, it can really take a toll on one’s pocket, considering how expensive beauty products can be right now. But don’t worry, as you can easily improve your looks and natural beauty buy doing simple tasks and learning some simple tips and tricks that you won’t have to spend a ton of money on. I can bet you right now you have some really cool ingredients in your kitchen right now that can help you improve your looks, while other methods that will also help require no ingredients at all, but simple exercise and some positive attitude.

So without dragging this intro any longer, lets look at some quality beauty tips that will help improve your looks without depleting your budget.

Use Coffee-Sugar Scrub To Remove Cellulite

For this you simply mix 2 cups of ground coffee, half a cup of brown sugar with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. You rub this on your skin for a few minutes every day, and it will improve the look of your skin considerably, as it will help remove the excess fat found under your skin. Easy peasy!

Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Get Rid Of Dandruff

You can spray apple cider vinegar on your head before you wash your hair. Leave it there for about 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing your hair. This should help with getting rid of dandruff.

Use Lemon And Honey To Remove Blackheads

For this to work all you’ll need is to squeeze half a lemon, combine it with 3-4 drops of honey, mix it to create a paste, and apply it on the blackheads. Leave the paste on your face for around five minutes and then wash it off using cold water only. You’ll get rid of blackheads faster and you’ll do it in a way that will moisturize the skin, preventing marks to remain on your face.

Use A Coconut Mask To Nourish Your Hair

Take one tablespoon of coconut oil and mix it with a bit of honey. Afterwards, warm up the mixture a tad and massage it on your scalp using only circular motions. This will improve blood circulation in your scalp, enable hair growth and lastly, it will make your hair generally healthier.

Use Baking Soda And Lemon To Whiten Your Teeth

You may have heard of this one before as it’s quite popular, because it really works like a charm. Mix some baking soda with a little lemon juice. Create a paste and then apply it on your tooth brush. Simply brush your teeth with it as you would normally do with regular toothpaste. Do this often and notice your teeth will whiten! No expensive treatments needed!

Use An Avocado Hair Mask To Get Rid OF Split Ends

Avocado has so many healthy properties and uses, you may be surprised to find out you can do more with it than eat it. A paste of avocado and honey applied to your hair will go a long way to getting rid of split ends, making your hair stronger, shinier and healthier.

Use Cucumber And Lemon To Improve Your Skin

For this you’ll need to mix some cucumber juice, lemon juice, rose water and turmeric. Once you mix it well, it’s time to apply this mask to your face and leave it there to take effect for around 15 minutes. After 15 minutes have passed, wash it away with cold water. Your skin will look younger, and you’ll develop acne and wrinkles much harder than before because it will make your skin healthier.

And there you have it! Healthy, easy and affordable ways to enhance your beauty!

Benefits Of A Deep Tissue Massage At Our Spa

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One of the more popular types of massage is the deep tissue massage. While there are several techniques that go into performing a deep tissue massage, we will look to cover several of them here to showcase their benefits and the general procedure. That way you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect when you come in for a visit at our spa!

The Basics

The most basic form of deep tissue massage is a technique that is similar to a classic massage technique for therapy, which involves a slow hand movement across the body with some deep pressure applied on certain key spots. The masseuse will focus on the areas that are most tense and have a tendency to hurt, relieving you of that pressure.

A second interesting technique has the massage therapist using their elbows and fingers while applying deep and penetrating massage to your muscles. What’s crucial for this technique to work is for the therapist to use his or her tip of the elbows and fingers to apply the pressure, and not their whole palm. This assures that each and every tense muscle in your body will suffer release and you’ll feel it afterwards. This is the perfect technique to use when you are suffering from stiffness from sitting in your office chair all day – a very common problem for a lot of our customers. Our therapists are fully trained to assist you and provide a professional deep tissue massage to help you with that.

Another interesting technique we use is by employing the aid of some penetrating tools. Don’t be scared, they’re not scary at all! The masseuse will use ceramic tools and also tools made out of glass and wood to perform the deep tissue massage. These are used simply to improve your massaging experience and get even deeper into the tissue when required, to make sure that all your muscles get relaxed and all the tension is of course released. This method can take more time, so an hour session is recommended.

As you can see, we can have some variation to a deep tissue massage but some things are common and similar in every method. For example, in each and every one you’ll have a massage therapist that uses long and flowing strokes to really ease your muscles and release tension. Moving too quickly can have the opposite effect, that is why our professionally trained staff knows all too well to go slow and really give you the best massage for your money. All our techniques also involve keeping a firm pressure at the required tense spots for a certain period of time, until that tension is fully released. Only then will the therapist move to the next area, and so on.

When you visit us, we’ll asses what type of massage best suits your needs and will provide you with a tailor made deep tissue massage that is sure to make you feel amazing. We can help you correct posture, cure your carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle spasms or simply relieving tension after a hard day’s work.

So if you’re interested, make sure to schedule an appointment today!

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